//Starting your day with a ‘lil more than coffee//

Growing up, I’ve never been much of a morning person. I remember just how passionately I dreaded those early school mornings.

“Wake up, it’s time for school! Hurry, we can’t be late!”

Oh, how shudder-some those few, simple words were to my ten-year old self. After all, was there nothing more to mornings than crusty eyes, messy hair, and alarm clocks?

Nevertheless, I’ve grown to appreciate mornings- the tranquility of genuine silence interrupted only by the melodious tune of gleeful birds fluttering about; the incomparable beauty of glistening sun rays illuminating God’s handiwork; the succulent aroma of freshly baked ‘ooey gooey’ cinnamon rolls permeating throughout.  Yes, mornings sure do have a lot to offer. However, I find my appreciation of these mornings drowning in the rush of everyday life. When I should be thanking God for another day, I’m ungratefully complaining about the inconvenience of early mornings. Instead of beginning my day in God’s Word, I’m falling prey to social media’s allure-starting my day concerned only with likes, retweets, and favorites. The soothing tune of chirping birds and buzzing bees is wrongfully replaced with the obnoxious hiss of my hair dryer. I race out the door, too pre-occupied to notice the majesty of God’s Creation showcased in the morning light. Mom’s old fashioned cinnamon rolls have been non-preferably  exchanged for a stale granola bar found in the glove compartment of my car.With no time for Bible reading and no time for prayer, that’s absolutely no way to introduce a day.

As I prepare to embark on yet another school year abounding with myriads of early mornings and the typical ‘hustle bustle,’ I intend to spend my mornings quite differently. Sacrificing a few minutes of sleep for a much more beneficial way to spend my time: fervently praying and delving into God’s Holy Word; awaking with just enough time to stand in awe at the majesty of God’s Creation. I challenge you to do the same. Wake up with a new outlook; a brighter, happier outlook. Wake up, and start your day with Jesus. I guarantee starting your day with the Creator of the universe is significantly better than starting your day with coffee.

One Reply to “//Starting your day with a ‘lil more than coffee//”

  1. So happy to see you writing. So thankful that God has given you such a wonderful gift – the ability to reach out and touch people with His word. I am so proud of you. You never cease to amaze me. I am so thankful that God has also blessed me with a truly wonderful gift – my delightful granddaughter – you! i will continue to keep you always in my prayers. I’ll be avidly looking forward to reading more of your blog. God bless you always. Love – Nanny

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