// It’s about “Thyme” for Some Thankfulness //

First off, if you understood my title, you are now a proud member of the “corny jokes” club. You’ll soon be receiving a congratulatory pin in the mail… it’s pretty official stuff. I figured with all the Thanksgiving cooking going down today, someone was bound to be using the spice, thyme. Hence, “It’s about Thyme for some Thankfulness” was born.

So, there ya go… that’s me somehow managing to explain away the stupidity of my title. But without further ado, let the blogging commence:


Well, I believe that “Happy Thanksgiving’s” are in order. Hope Y’all are having a great day with family and friends. May your pumpkin pie be sweet, your coffee strong, and your pants extra stretchy.

This year, God has unveiled the paramountcy of offering thanksgiving unto Him. For all He’s done for us, presenting our genuine thanks is the least we could do for Him. Unfortunately, we live in a world fiercely pursuing a thankless society, situated upon the throne of discontentment and hopeless comparisons. Stifled by the demand for perfection, we grow obsequious in modern-day ingratitude.


I say that it’s time we emancipate ourselves from such imprisoning chains of thanklessness, what ya think?

Let’s stop immuring ourselves within the walls of complacency. Let’s sever our ties to ungratefulness. Shall we?

Let’s momentarily surpass the shallow “circle around the table and say one thing you’re thankful for” thing. Let’s challenge ourselves to radically consider the invaluable gifts that God has bestowed… each and every day.

Let me share a brief story real quick, and then I’ll let you go. You and I both know that third piece of apple pie is waiting for you. Don’t even lie to yourself, you might as well get some turkey will you’re at it. ‘Tis the season, am I right?

This morning, I woke up- a blessing that I personally take for granted on the daily basis. I woke up in a warm bed… in a warm home… with a healthy family… and a loving momma cooking my favorite,  green bean casserole. (Am I right, ladies? That stuff is amazing.)

I then proceeded to pick up my cell phone. Major mistake.

“Wow. Look at her outfit. Hmm. I wish I had a dress like that.”

“Oh. Look, they’re engaged, already. Hmm. I wish I was in a relationship like that.”

You catch my drift, don’t ya?

Now, I didn’t share that with you for you to mumble to yourself, “wow that’s pretty awful,” even though it is. I shared this story with you to illustrate the unfortunate prevalence of unhealthy comparison. In fact, I believe that to some extent, we all experience it. Whether it be in our possessions, power, or performance, the deadliness of comparisons seeps into the exposed interstices of everyone’s lives. Thankfulness fills in those vulnerable gaps, preventing discontentment from ever entering in.

So, I stopped dead in my tracks and reminded myself just how incredibly blessed I really am- undeservingly blessed. I genuinely can’t comprehend why God has been so good to me.

I have a roof over my head. I’ve never had to fret over my next meal. I have clothes on my back and shoes on my feet. I have the most amazing family that has ever existed. I’m surrounded by lovingly genuine friends who absolutely mean the world to me.  I have the most wonderful job in the entire world. I attend a church that also doubles as a home. I’m enrolled in a Christian college in which I can freely express my relationship with Christ without fear of ridicule. I live in a country renowned for its freedom; I never have to worry about being imprisoned for my faith. I’m engulfed in God’s unceasing mercy and grace. I’m loved. I’m cherished. I’m blessed.

And for all that, and so much more, I am thankful.

We have so much to be thankful for, we truly do. Let’s offer God the genuine gratitude that He incontrovertibly deserves. Don’t hold it in. Tell Him. Tell others. We’re so blessed, guys. It’s time that we start living like it.


Psalm 107: 1 –

O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.








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