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Somedays, it just feels as if I live in a sticky-note infested world.


As to-do lists, ideas, and reminders perpetually flood my mind (and clutter my desk) with tasks and responsibilities that “must get done ASAP.”
Things like:

“Don’t forget, you have that paper due on Monday.”

“Hey, that’s a good idea for a blog post–write that down.”

“Oh, emails, yes, emails. . .  check ’em and send ’em, girl.”

“Did you ever respond to her text?”


Sound familiar?



We live in a fast-paced society, always striving for bigger, better . . . and, well . . . faster things. Simplicity is no longer charming, and the mundane is no longer alluring.

We equate success with busyness. The busier you are, the better, as meetings, deadlines, and conference calls clutter our planners and cloud our vision.

We tirelessly strive to reach hashtag boss status yet lose our identities (and sanity) in the process, neglecting the precious gift of friends, family, and quiet time.



My advice?



B R E A T H E.



Life get’s busy, I get it . . . trust me.

But when we waste our days stressing over responsibilities and overlooking blessings, we’re missing out on something big. Sometimes, we just need to trash the to-do list for a day and genuinely appreciate all that is around us–the chirping birds, the glistening sun, the sweet smiles of loved ones, and the goodness of our Lord.


Bask in the beauty of simplicity.

Slow down, take a deep breath.

Inhale, Exhale, and Smile.


That test that you’re stressing over? You’ll study for it, take it, and pass it. It’s okay.

That meeting that you’re dreading? It will fly by. It’s okay.

That rapidly approaching deadline? You’ll finish it with time to spare.  It’s okay.


Don’t allow self-inflicted pressure and unhealthy expectations to obscure the blessings of life.

Tell loved ones how much they mean to you.

Take a walk and enjoy the artistry of Creation.

Text a friend and catch up over coffee.


Each day is a gift– live like it.


With love,



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