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Throughout the years, I’ve discovered that those who resolve to make a difference are usually the only ones that actually do.

They serve the servant.

They help the hurting.

They encourage the broken.

They stand for the truth.

They change the lives of all those they encounter.

They make a difference, and that difference is a monumental one.

As we approach 2019, one of my primary goals is to make a difference.

I want the Lord to use me to make others feel loved, valued, and important.

I want the Lord to transform my selfishness into Gospel-driven selflessness.

I want the Lord to replace my fleshly desires with His heavenly ones.

I want the Lord to make known unto me His will for my life.

I want Him to prepare me to make a difference because honestly,

I just want to help lives, even if that means helping only one person.

And if we’re honest with ourselves, I believe that we all have this desire. We all want to make some sort of difference, right? Very rarely, however, is it that we actually do.

As waves of intimidation, inconsistency, and fear drown our well-meaning intentions in a sea of self-despondency, our goals become enemies.

Our dreams—our hopes for positive change— wash away with the tide of trepidation.

We shrink in a prideful sense of false humility.

“I can’t. I just don’t see how it’s possible. God doesn’t have any big plans for me, so what’s the point? I could never serve Jesus the way that she does. I’m no candidate for making a difference.” 

One thing that I have learned is this: God can use anyone . . . at anytime . . . and at any place.

You don’t need to travel thousands of miles away to make a difference.

Is traveling thousands of miles away to share the Gospel a great thing?  Absolutely. In fact, the Bible commissions believers to  “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 15:16).

But, is traveling thousands of miles away to share the Gospel the only way to make an impact for the Kingdom of Heaven? Absolutely not.

Sometimes, the Lord will use us to make a difference in our very own communities, our very own schools, and even, our very own homes.

You see,

A simple smile as you hold the door for a stranger can make a difference.

Humbly praying for someone who needs Jesus can make a difference.

Taking time to serve someone else can make a difference.

Being brave enough to open your Bible in a coffee shop can make a difference.

Working hard in the tasks that God has given you, right here and right now, can make a difference.

It is when we give up, paralyzed by feelings of inadequacy and imperfection, that we don’t make a difference.

It is when we rely on our own power and ability (which is a recipe for one thing: FAILURE), that we don’t make a difference.

It is when we tell God that He is not omnipotent enough to make a difference-maker out of us, that we don’t make a difference.


Listen, this is something that I have to remind myself every single day. 

When we look at who we are– how truly unworthy we are– it’s intimidating.

When we look at what is required to make a difference, it’s scary.

When we contemplate all of our dreams, it’s pressuring.

That’s why we need to rest in our Savior, not our own self-sufficiency.

Are we worthy of making a difference on our own? Honestly, no.

I’m not perfect, and neither are you. While we are never to abuse the grace of God and become complacent in our sins, we must always recognize that we are a continual “work in progress.” We are fallen, and because of that, perfection is unattainable. But Jesus still redeems sinners, and He still uses us to make a difference . . . for His ultimate glory.

So, as we embark on the journey of this new year, how will you make a difference?

A missions trip to a third-world country? Go for it. That’s been a huge dream of mine for a while now.

A simple text of encouragement to a hurting friend? Hey, great idea. We all need to be reminded that we are loved.

A Bible study in your community? I love that. Go for it, and keep Jesus your sustenance through it all.

Working hard in the daily responsibilities that face you? Awesome. Serve your employers, your co-workers, your clients with joy. Shine the Gospel in the way that you work, and work hard.

So what do you say? Let’s make a difference. This year. This month. This week.


With love,


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