| | The Fear of Un-remarkability | |


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Do you ever think about what it means to be truly unremarkable?

I do . . .  a lot, actually.


In fact, one of my biggest fears is squandering influence for apathy. I fear becoming someone who doesn’t touch lives.

I don’t ever want to be someone who doesn’t make an impact.


I fear being unremarkable.



This semester, I’ve learned that, most essentially, leadership is influence. Without influence, one simply cannot lead. If people don’t respect you, they won’t trust you. And if people won’t trust you, they certainly won’t follow you.

Simple yet profound, right?


Well, everyone influences someone—positively and negatively. Everyone (yes, everyone) harnesses the potential to impact a life. Through our attitudes—in person and on social media—our character, and our treatment of others, we are influencing those around us, whether we realize it or not.

The real question is not: How can I gain influence?

The real question is: What am I doing with the influence that I already have?


As I’ve gotten older (after all, nineteen is practically ancient), I’ve learned the importance of a positive attitude—inwardly and outwardly. Just like I have struggles, others do too. Just like I have worries, others do too. Just like I have bad days, others do too.


It is crucial that we build others up. It’s time that we love with a Gospel-centric love—authentic and selfless.

Not because we have to, but because we get to. 


So, send that encouraging text. Open the door for that stranger. Share that Bible verse.

Touch lives for the glory of Jesus Christ.

This matters. You matter. People matter.


So, darlin’,

use your influence.





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