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I’ve never been a fan of the term “resolution.”

For me, it’s simply a reminder of all the ways in which I’ve failed the goals, ideas, and objectives of years past. It’s a word that awakens within me a sense of disappointment—a temporary opportunity for change with no real long-term effects.

So, yeah. Just not a big fan over here.


But, now that my miniature rant degrading the term “resolution”  is over (and don’t even get me started on the idea of a “diet”),  I have to say that I am a major fan of goal-setting.

I love the concept of a new year—-with new aspirations and new opportunities.

And I love the gift of a fresh start, a new chapter.


With that being said, just as 3/4 of the American population, I’ve developed specific goals for the coming year—goals that will hopefully enable me to break the bad habits and cultivate the good ones.


So, without further ado . . . here are a few of my 2020 “resolutions” (yep, still despise that word).


1.) Pray more.

2.) Love more.

3.) Live more.


There they are. They may sound simple, but they’re not.

In fact, all three of these goals require me to radically transform the way in which I’ve lived for the past few years. I need to make an intentional effort to embolden my devotion to my God, my family/friends, and my personal goals (corporately, creatively, and physically).


I need to make an intentional effort to:

Wake up earlier.

Lengthen my Bible study time.

Run more often.

Pray more fervently.

Extend a helping hand.

Fuel my body with good things.

And love as often, as selflessly, and as authentically as is humanly possible.


But above all else, I need to make an intentional effort to sustain the momentum we so often enjoy in January. I want to wake up just as early in December as I plan to now. I want to pray then just as obediently as I want to pray now. And I want to love others just as passionately on the last day of the year, as I plan to do on the very first.



I’m ready for this change, though.


Very ready.



So, here’s to a new year, guys.

New decade.

New goals.

New opportunities.


Let’s make it a great one.

You ready?

Cool. Me too.




With love,


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