// Worth the Wait in Gold //

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Growing up, I’ve usually been somewhat of an optimist. I’ve always had a thing for happy endings, fairytales, if you will. So naturally,I’ve always dreamed of one day experiencing my very own. I’ve dreamed of one day , meeting my Prince Charming as he dashes into my life accompanied with a white horse and an immaculate (and equally breathtaking) bouquet of roses amidst the cheering crowd and illuminating sunset.

Now that I’m grown up, and much to my utter dismay, I’ve graciously accepted the fact that this unattainable dream hasn’t the slightest feasibility of ever becoming reality. However, I’ve still maintained more realistic, yet equally fastidious standards for my future spouse. When I’ve discussed my criteria for such a man with others, I’ve often received a few blank or disapproving stares. In today’s society, dating has sadly become increasingly superficial. The term “love” is repeatedly misused and/or misinterpreted. Nowadays, one meets someone who may possibly meet a meager portion of his said standards, slaps a label on their forehead, and uploads numerous photos to social media in hopes that others will define the relationship as “goals.”I am not willing to settle in hopes of temporarily “filling the void” for a short time whilst looking for a much more suitable replacement. At times, it’s discouraging and often times- purely frustrating; but I have faith that God will bless me with a man who doesn’t meet all of my criteria, but rather, far encompasses anyone I could have ever imagined. A man who will joyfully keep the relationship “God-centered” and respectable. A man who will love me unconditionally. A man who will constantly keep me laughing, a man that greatly exceeds any pre- conceptualized ideal regarding his proper characteristics, and let me tell you- he will be worth his wait in gold.

Ladies, don’t settle. Don’t settle in sheer frustration. Don’t become discouraged when it seems as if your Prince Charming , well either turned into a frog and hopped far, far away, or didn’t exist in the first place. He’s out there. Trust that God will unveil  him to you in His perfect time.

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