// Surrender your Insecurities //

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Okay, let’s just be real here for a second. No one is perfect. People have flaws, and it’s okay.

Some days, your hair is going to be frizzy. It happens. Some days, your skin is going to break out. It happens. Some days, you just need a greasy burger and fries. It happens. Some days, your jeans might not fit. It happens. It’s okay.

Some days, your insecurities are going to be more prominent than usual and you’ll get upset, you’ll start picking yourself apart, but this- this isn’t okay. God made you. The same God who created the Universe and everything in it, the same God who loved you so much as to suffer indescribable pain and torment to pay the penalty that we sinful humans deserve, made you. YOU.

He made your beautiful smile- braces, crooked teeth, yellow spots, and all. He made your smile so you may spread joy and shine His light wherever you might find yourself. Smile, and smile bright.

He made your eyes radiant- blue, brown, green, whatever the color. He made your eyes so that you may witness His beautiful Creation. Take a second to admire this blessing.

He made your body- curvy, skinny, tall, short, no matter the size. He made your body so that you may selflessly serve Him. Treat it like a temple.

Insecurity has always been my poison- something that I endlessly struggle with. Now, I’m not telling you this with sheer expectation of pity or sweet comments about superficial beauty. No, I’m telling you this because I want to help you. I want you to know that I understand. You feel like you’ll never measure up, and I get it.  I want to be real with you, I want you to know that it’s okay that we’re not perfect- it’s okay. There’s no need to stop being genuine and real and unique just because it’s “unwelcome” and “weird.”

It’s surprisingly easy to update our status to “choose joy,” or “be happy,” but if we’re honest, some times it’s not that easy. Sometimes, we choose anger. Sometimes, we choose frustration. Sometimes, we choose selfishness. Sometimes, we choose insecurity. We’re sinful humans in desperate need of God’s grace and forgiveness – accept it. You’re a mess. I’m a mess. We need God. We don’t need more makeup to disguise our blemishes, we don’t need more hair products to control the frizz, we don’t need more diet pills to fit into a size zero. We just need Jesus. When you start looking to material improvement and worldly acceptance, you will never fully be able to “choose joy.” Once you grasp this concept, you’ll discover that your insecurities will eventually dwindle.

There will always be something you hate about yourself. There will always be someone better than you- Someone prettier. Someone taller. Someone smarter. Someone funnier. Get over it.

Stop wishing you had her life, and start living yours. 

Insecurities can be deadly. They can alter your every move- your every thought. Trust me, I know. Don’t let your insecurities control you. If you want one slice of pizza (or maybe three,) eat it. If you don’t feel like wearing makeup one day- don’t.

Everyone is beautiful. This is not because their eyebrows are “on fleek,” not because their teeth are as white as the models’, not because their clothes are a size zero, not because their hair is silky and smooth- no, everyone is beautiful because everyone is made in the image of God. Need I say more?

Today, I challenge you to get yourself a good old- fashioned burger (not caring about the calories or what others might think when they witness you shoving your face with grease, carbs, and lots of mayonnaise-lots and lots of mayonnaise)  write down one thing (not pertaining to your outward appearance)  that you admire about yourself.  Are you strong? Are you caring? Are you selfless? Focus more on your inward beauty and it will shine on the outside.

Psalm 139: 14 ( KJV ) 

//  I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. // 

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