// Reaching for the Un-reachable //



A few weeks ago, I had a rough time.

If I’m honest with you . . . and frankly . . . with myself, I struggled a lot. There were multiple instances when I felt like a failure– a major one.  I seemed to flounder with each and every assignment given me, as feelings of incapability and inferiority flooded my mind.

“Can you do anything right?” I repeatedly asked myself.

Have you ever had one of those weeks?

You know, those weeks: the ones that seem to be a never-ending flop of a film, starring yourself and featuring your every shortcoming. Yeah, you know . . . those weeks.

“Tune in next week, folks, to see more of Delaney’s deficiencies. Thanks for watching!”

Alright, I know I’m a little dramatic, but you get the point. Sometimes, we have bad weeks, right?

But perhaps, for you, it’s been months, maybe even years. Rest assured, you’re not alone. Despite the universal misconception that most everyone but yourself is perfect (thanks, social media, you the bomb) no one lives within the light-hearted utopia of which we all dream.

Wanna know why? It’ll knock your socks off when I tell you.

This flawlessly enchanting ideal of perfection (or at least something relatively close to it) is. . . well . . . a counterfeit. You see, it doesn’t exist, and that is why we perfectionists cultivate a strong sense of self-disappointment; we simply cannot achieve our own expectations because the perfection for which we strive doesn’t exist.

It blew your socks off, didn’t it? I warned you.

In this world of “highlight reels” and inevitable comparisons, I’d like to remind you that there is always more to the story than what we have the privilege of witnessing. Despite our flaunting of privileges and blessings on social media (and even in everyday conversation), we all have our own struggles. Occasionally, you have bad days and so do I.


// We need to stop collapsing under the self-inflicted pressure placed upon us and get real with ourselves. // 



Growing up, I have always been excessively hard on myself, never meeting my own impossible standards and growing frustrated with my personal shortcomings. Yet, God has shown me that while I’m far from perfect, He still loves me. Even though I’m far from my final destination, He is continually working in my life, shaping me like clay.


And what a beautiful truth that is.


Believe it.  Rest in it.   Live it.


Yours truly,










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