// “The Essence of an Incandescence” //


A few months ago, hopelessly enthralled with the beauty of spring– flowers, in particular– I penned this short poem: “The Essence of an Incandescence.” Slightly insecure of its flaws, I’ve kept it hidden from the blog, limiting its introduction to Facebook and Facebook alone. However, I’m beyond excited to share this poem, along with its many weaknesses, with you today. If Anne Bradstreet can do it, so can I.

Nerdy poetry joke- 1

Delaney – 0


Without further ado . . . and in avoidance of any more dorky poetry humor . . . here it is:

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The flower—

A glowing depiction of God’s Handiwork,
An art to which we all do look,
And contemplate in purest awe
To think that God did form it all.

A sweet reminder of sunlight’s splendor.
Hope and purity— of which— a defender,
The buoyant expression of nature’s birth,
Vital restoration for all of Earth.

A portrayal of triumph seceding toil,
A seed of hope beneath its soil,
Reason for frolic and frivolity indeed.
A memorial for the warmth of which it freed.

A glistening radiance upon winter’s frost,
Redolent of a spring once lost,
The curator of both promise and vow
As each April, without fail, it dares to sprout.

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