// Road of Life //

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetI’ve always preferred to interpret life as a series of metaphorical “road trips.”

In other words, the paths that we take, the speed at which we take them, and the direction in which we decide to travel all influence our final destination.

The most appealing part of this theory, however, actually amplifies the importance of individuality in a world teeming with imitation. You see, the path God has designed for you is unique to you, and in the same way, the path God has carved for me is unique to me. 

And that truth, my friend, once fully grasped, is oh so magnificent.

Some of you might become missionaries, endlessly decorating your passports with stamps from far-away countries, yet some of you may remain happily situated within “small-town life,” raising a family just as your mom and dad . . . fully equipped with a stereotypical white picket fence, of course. Moreso, some of you might graduate from college and become renowned doctors . . . maybe even lawyers . . . and others might become teachers, librarians, designers.

When following God’s call for your life, one profession is not superior to the other. Each task to which you are assigned has been carefully calculated by the Creator of the Universe; let that sink in.


|| Stop belittling your calling because you have wrongly deemed it inferior to the calling of others.||


Don’t degrade what the Lord has specifically planned for YOU but rather obey it, enjoy it, and rejoice in it.

On this road to life, we will all face countless decisions. Some may be minor, but others may be life-changing. Along the way, we will all discover a deeper mission. Instead of cowering in sheer fear of such a great responsibility, I challenge you to rest in God’s goodness. I encourage you to rest in His perfect Will, to rest in His perfect plan, and to fully trust that His way is indeed the best way because spoiler alert: it is.


Happy traveling, friends.


With love,





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