| | C R E A T I V I T Y ||

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C R E A T I V I T Y :


I just adore this word.


It’s simple, but oh so grand.

It’s defining, but oh so unique.

It’s uncomplicated, but oh so intricate.


Creativity is something that is personal, yet powerful. It often takes the shape of various talents, yet never fails to construct a beautiful outcome.


Creativity can be found in the ornate and the mundane. It can be something as simple as minor improvisation or as monumental as a major life achievement.


Creativity is evidenced in many different ways–knitting, writing, photographing, drawing, singing, decorating, crafting, designing– the list is practically endless.


And that’s my favorite part about it.


When I was a kid, I always felt somewhat frustrated because . . . well . . . I wasn’t sporty like the cool kids, and I wasn’t musically gifted like the talented ones. I couldn’t draw like the artistic ones (couldn’t even doodle a stick figure correctly), and I wasn’t stylish like the fashionable ones.


I just felt sorta unimportant.


Thoughts like:


“What is my gift? Do I even have one?”

“Am I just not creative?”

“Why can’t I sing like her?”

“Why can’t I draw like him?”


flooded my mind.


People would ask me about my hobbies, and I would reply, “Eh, I’ve never been super talented at one specific thing . . . I don’t really have one.”


I didn’t consider my writing an art—I didn’t view it as a creative outlet.

I didn’t consider photographing flowers with a pink Nikon Coolpix (that was my very first camera. . . those were the days) “cool.”

I didn’t consider my style to be unique like the “hip kids.'”



|I belittled my creativity because it didn’t match the creativity of others.| 


Then, I realized that we all have different gifts . . . and because of this . . . we all are creative in different ways.


Some are talented at designing, while others excel at drawing.

Some are gifted in music, while others succeed in writing.

Some rock a camera, others rock a paint brush.


And that’s what makes creativity . . . well . . . creative. Embrace it.



With love,












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