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Hey, guys.

Long time no talk, right?

I seem to utter this cliche quite frequently nowadays. In fact, I jokingly refer to these  periods of “literary dryness” as “writing hiatuses.” However, if I’m honest, they are really just times in which I feel painstakingly uninspired. I desire to write, purposefully carve out time to do so, and then . . . well . . . unproductively stare at a blank computer screen.


I type, type, type.


“No, that won’t do.”


I delete, delete, delete.


. . . And so it is when I attempt to write uninspiredly.


Unoriginality and purposeful writing are dichotomous—-the two just can’t coincide. So, whenever I suffer from a bad case of the writer’s block blues (no, that is not a real diagnosis, although it does sound quite profound), I prefer to simply step back from writing for a while . . . until I feel inspired again.

Sometimes, it takes months. Sometimes, it takes days.

Either way, it’s always good to take a break, recharge, and refresh.

. . . And that is precisely what I did, even if it was only for a few weeks.


Now, with all of that being said:

Hey, again! I’m Delaney, and I am beyond ELATED that you are here!

(PSA: I even capitalized the word “elated” so that you could fully comprehend just how excited I am about our growing community. Of course, I broke a few grammar rules in the process, but it was worth it—-just don’t tell my English professor, okay?)


Heart of the Matter has acquired a few new readers over the past couple months, and let me be the first to send you a hearty (virtual) welcome. I am so thankful that you’re here, and I mean that, truly.

Heart of the Matter is a place where I share my (occasionally scattered and frequently disorganized) thoughts with you. A place where we talk about topics that, well, reach the very heart of the matter, and a place where we share ideas, thoughts, and encouragement.

Thanks for joining in.


Oh . . . wait . . .

Where are my manners? Let me introduce myself!

I’m Delaney Johnston– a redeemed child of God, a photographer based in good ‘ole MD, and a novice writer/ blogger. I probably use too many puns and eat too much ice cream, but nobody’s perfect, right? I’m a firm believer in the power of healthy encouragement because life can be tough and a simple smile can truly go a long way. I enjoy writing, as I’m sure you are now readily aware. In fact, I’ve been dreamin’ up short stories since I was a kid (what a nerd, am I right?), and the fact that I get to share my words with others is a gift that continuously humbles me.


I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again: I am really glad you’re here. I want each and every one of you to know that there is a God Who created you, Who loves and values you, Who seeks to have fellowship with you, and Who died to redeem and save you.


I may not know you personally, but I cherish you deeply. Thanks for being here.


With love,












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